Obama’s Foreign Policy: North Korea and Iran Concerns

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Obama sure has a lot on his plate these days with the economy but I want to see how he handles some overseas issues and what his foreign policy might dictate.  It seems like the Cold War only ended yesterday with, of course, America coming out on top.  But that might not be the case this time around.  Russia is making a strong comeback as a world power and how we deal with them in the coming years is going to set the stage for future conflicts.  Other problem areas for USA are growing by the day: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, China and Venezuela.  These areas are either at war with us or at least in a words of war with us.  Now China is the one I am confident that we can resolve without bloodshed but it is going to take great diplomacy to ensure our interests are protected. 

Let’s first start with Russia.  Yes it is true, the Russians are once again back on the world powers supermap.  We need to remember that Russia still has a very powerful and sophisticated military along with lots of weapons.  Their recent conflict with neighbor, Georgia shows us that they still have the willingness to engage in military conflicts.  Let’s not forget about their eagerness to help out some of our enemies overseas such as Iran and Syria. What is great about Russia is that we ended up sending them billions of dollars in aid to help out their citizens when the USSR collapsed.  We now know that most of this money went to the people in charge and did not filter down to the average person.  There is no other country in the world currently with the greatest difference between the very rich and the very poor.  The middle class is virtually non-existent in the country.  We also have come to understand that a lot of this relief money went to them building new underground shelters along with upgrades to old installations.  Am I the only person that this is troubling to?  Why do you need underground shelters unless you are worried over nuclear war or some other natural disaster.  Obviously feeding your people is not as important as this is. 

Next let’s look at the Middle East.  I am glad to see that President Obama has detailed a withdraw plan for our troops in Iraq.  I feel he did it the correct way in giving the withdraw a few years and letting the commanders recommend faster or slower moves.  We need to remember that (even if you agree or disgree with the war) that we are fighting a war and withdrawing too quickly will only make matters worse than they already are.  One thing that Obama needs to be careful about here is how he approaches the subject of once we do withdraw then are we done or should we go back if needed?  I think Obama needs to really think this through and see what happens over the next few years and not make empty promises about not going back.  We cannot let the country fall back into enemy hands with the progress we did make.  The same can be said for Aghanistan.  A rapid withdraw would only add to our current problems in this region.  Let’s not forget that the Taliban and Al Queda are still forces to be reckoned with here and have in no way been eliminated.  Now concerning Iran and Syria (we currently are not in any military conflict with) who are not our supporters in the least, we need to be watchful.  Both of these countries tend to get support from both Russia and the entire Middle East region when it comes to their policies which we tend to disagree with.  Over the past few decades Iran has been trying to develop nuclear technology for their energy needs but it is obvious to all that this is more likely for military reasons.  Both of these countries are constantly at conflict with our biggest ally in the region, Israel and have threatened war pretty much every year.  The Middle East is an area that we need to be very watchful over in the coming years especially the radical religious fanatics.  We are often seen as the “oppressors” and are considered to be the enemy in a holy war.  We need very careful diplomacy to ensure this area does not become the stage for World War III and that all interests are protected. 

Now let’s take at look at China and North Korea.  As I mentioned before, I do not see China being that much of a worry for us.  It appears that their foreign policy is willing to negotiate on things and to actually have an “open door policy”.  Now we definitely need to keep an eye on them especially with their recent missle destruction of a satellite in orbit (which violated an international law) along with them having the world’s largest military but they have shown signs that they are going in the right direction with their foreign policy.  The same cannot be said for North Korea.  This is one country that we, along with rest of the world, need to keep a very close eye on.  They have been consistently trying to and most likely developing nuclear weapons for several years now.  They have been unwilling to negotiate with any of the members of NATO and have even announced a test missile detonation in the Pacific Ocean which would violate both Japan’s air space and break international law.  This country is the biggest threat currently facing the planet with a nuclear war and it will take incredible diplomacy along with sanctions and even military action to prevent it.

Finally, let’s take a look at Venezuela and end up with Columbia.  Venezuela is not a major threat to the USA and even though they have made empty threats from their lunatic president Chavez, they can hardly be taken seriously.  That is, until we look at them working with the Russians in possibly building a base for Russia’s military.  Now that is something we definitely need to keep an eye on.  Another thing for us to be watchful on is that Venezuela has a huge amount of oil in deposits still untapped and that can end up being a key player for them in diplomacy in years to come.  I wanted to end by talking about Columbia who we currently do not have any conflicts with except for the growing cocaine problem between the countries.  Now, things are tenfolds better than they were a few decades ago with Columbia’s government now willing to prosecute drug bosses and confiscate and dispose of huge amounts of drugs but things have a long to go.  Obama needs to set a good foreign policy here with countries like Columbia and reward them when they help us eradicate this problem.

Well, there you go, just a few examples of countries that we need to keep close watch on and develop better diplomacy relationships with over the coming years.  How will Obama do?  Personally, I do not know but I hope he goes into it with a full head of steam because these are all issues and areas that we really cannot sit on and just hope for the best.  Our country needs to set the example with our foreign policies and that starts with the President so Obama must get these policies in effect immediately in order to succeed. 


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