Bukisa, A Real Work At Home Job, No Kidding

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There is no end to the work from home job opportunities. They flood your email, they flood your search results, and they flood your advertising. Many of these are not necessarily scams, but they aren’t going to make you any money either.

This article is not to give you a sales pitch on some Grand Opportunity to make a buck at home. This article is to tell you how you can make some money, working a real job.

The site that you are on is called Bukisa. It is a site where you can share your knowledge, such as tidbits of wisdom, recipes, reviews, anything that you know how to do and would like to share. There is no previous writing experience required; however, your articles are expected to conform to certain standards. For example, plagiarizing is a no-no, as is pornographic material.

Other freelance article sites teem with writers who put themselves a step above Bukisa. They think they are ‘real’ writers and that articles that are ‘junk’ should be deleted from the system, their own as well as Bukisa. Anyone who can communicate is a ‘real’ writer. Many successful authors simply converse with the regular population in simple and easy to understand terms. Many of these authors, in their early careers, were seen as ‘hacks’ that would never amount to anything. These are usually the ones speaking to the every day man, and are also the ones who go down in history as ‘real’.

The point is that if you have something to say, say it, share it, write it down, and make a little money doing it. On Bukisa, your hard work will be rewarded according to how many people view your articles. You will use catchy titles that will come up in searches on search engines such as Google.

You can use software to search for keywords and suggestions to make your titles more appealing; however, you can also just think “how would I search for this” and create a title based on the millions of other people that will also search using the same string of words that you used.

The more page views that you get, the more money you will get paid. The more articles that you are able to write, the more chance that you will receive page views. It’s a very easy system to use. Just do your best and write from your heart.

So the next time that you are having a conversation with your spouse, telling them ‘how it’s done’, stop and think “hey I could write an article on this!” If you are sharing an exciting movie with a friend, again, think “hey, a review, another article!” There is no end to the possibilities!

If you are ready to start your own freelance writing career, click the banner below to apply. It’s FREE, of course, and there is no obligation. Get to work!



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