How To Make a Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

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Are we using our phones way too much or have cell companies started making the batteries go kaput faster? Is your phone constantly plugged in? Do you find yourself telling your caller “sorry my battery is about to die”? Does it just die right in the middle of conversation? There are some easy ways to extend the life of your cell phone battery.

Turn your phone off. Do you really need the phone on while you sleep? Every cell service comes with voice mail. Your messages will come through when you turn your phone back on in the morning. Many times when you put your phone on silent, such as church or the movie theater, you could just turn it off.

Turn off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it. Bluetooth is making itself available for use and while it’s idling waiting on you, it’s sucking up juice. Turn it off.

Turn off vibrate. Vibrate is a good function if you are in a crowded noisy place and might not hear your phone. Vibrate mode is also one of the main drains on a phone. If you get a lot of calls, turn it off.

Games and photography. Perhaps you can do without the games playing or snapping of every thing going on at the party. Maybe not. If you can, then avoiding these two things will save you an enormous amount of battery life.

Did you know that your phone will suck up it’s entire battery just LOOKING for a signal. If you are in a No signal or Low signal area, turn off your phone. If you don’t it will look for a signal the entire time you are in that area and run itself dry!

Do you have a phone that automatically checks your email for you every few minutes? Make that a manual setting instead of automatic. Check your own mail when you get a chance and your phone will last a bit longer!

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