How to pick out a good cell phone plan.

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Today I am going to help you pick out a good cell phone plan. There are many different plans and companies out there for you to pick from. Fist off you need to think how many texts and minutes you are going to use. If the phone is for one person the best thing to do is get a top up phone. No contracts at all. So at any time you can get rid of it. If you want unlimited everything you could get metro or cricket. If it’s for a kid or a person who doesn’t use it allot, I would get virgin mobile. That the cheapest way to top up. They give you three months to top up. You buy the cards at almost any stores. I had virgin mobile and never had a problem with them. If you want a family plan, each company has different contracts for you. But most of the time you need to keep the phone for two years. Also if you don’t have insurance on it, it might cost lots of money for a new one. If you are looking for a phone, go to a mall because there is allot of phone stores in one place. The best place to go is best buy mobile. They have wonderful deals. For example, I got my new cell phone for free. At the Verizion store it cost a, 100 dollars. For a young kid I would get a top up phone because if you break it, it won’t cost you allot of money. Also, think about what type of phone to get. For example, a camera, video, game, keyboards and so on. Take you time and good luck. Thank you


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