Does Jessica Simpson Have Implants?

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Whenever a person becomes famous and they have stunning features and an amazing body then people automatically start to ask questions. They wonder if these looks are natural or are they the product of a very good doctor. There are a ton of celebrities in Hollywood that either have nose jobs and fake breasts. It’s sad that getting a boob job is almost seen as necessary by most people looking to get into the entertainment business. Here today we ask and answer the question does Jessica Simpson have implants?

So let’s get right to the answer. According to several different doctors Jessica Simpson does have implants. They claim that all the signs are there and there are even marks showing where it was done. There are also those online that argue the older pictures of the singer before her career took off clearly do not match up with her recent ones in terms of the subject. The artist herself claims these to be false so I guess it just depends on which side you want to believe about the argument.

I guess the question does Jessica Simpson have implants will remain debated unless the star comes out and clears the situation up. But I don’t see why doctors would make those claims about implants without anything to gain by the statement. Regardless of whether they are real or not men around the world love the way she looks and the knockout will continue to draw media attention wherever she goes on a daily basis. Now that Jessica Simpson is seemingly done with Tony Romo who knows what the future could hold for the sexy singer.


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