How To Get Your Cat To Stop Climbing the Christmas Tree

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During the holiday season, cat lovers all know one thing The Cat Is Going Up the Tree. It seems that no matter what you do, the darn animal will not stay out of the tree. They are cats after all, and cats climb trees. If you are an easy going sort and love to watch animal antics, you can just sit back with a holiday drink and snack and watch the cat or cats race up and down the tree. You can watch the cat who normally won’t move off of the bed, suddenly get a childlike interest in your tree ornaments. If you really don’t want to sit back and watch your tree tip over, here are some handy tips for keeping your cat out of the Christmas tree.

Commercially available in pet sections everywhere is CatAway spray. It is a great deterrent for not only the Christmas tree but also a great way to train them not to claw the furniture. The smell offends their senses and they steer clear of it.

Water spray bottle. Cats aren’t like dogs; they don’t love to get sprayed with water. It’s an effective tool in training a cat. Every time the cat gets near the tree, spray it with water. It’s harmless and it ticks off the cat, who will start avoiding the tree.

Cats detest orange or citrus smells. You can put lemon juice in a sprayer and spray it around your tree or leave lemon or orange slices around the bottom. They’ll avoid those like the plague.

Cats also do not like aluminum foil. Crinkle it up, set your gifts on it and place it between gifts and the cats won’t walk on it. Aluminum foil also offends their senses.

If your cat is an oddball, and many are, and these things don’t seem to work, tether the tree so it won’t tip over. Also, don’t hang ornaments too low on the branches as well as tinsel. They don’t like aluminum foil, but they love to eat tinsel. Go figure.

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