Life on the Farm Part two

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There was always work to be done on the farm, always busy with little time for play, but even with all that surrounded us we found time to explore and have fun. We always seemed to get caught in our antics, but we still did what any children would do.

In part one I didn’t  mention that we raised veal to sell, we were vegetarians but the money must have been good for us to raise meat but not eat it.

We didn’t raise them like most veal is raised in a dark place with hardly room to move, and milk fed only. The cruelty of that didn’t exist on our farm. Our calves were raised in open pens with light coming through the window and us three girls to keep them all busy. Well sometimes my Dad would keep a bull and let them get big. Why I really don’t know, maybe to breed I am not sure but he did.

This one bull we had for over a year, he was very tame and used to follow us around like a puppy. People could not believe how friendly and tame he was. My little sister named him Bull Head. She had claimed him as hers and none of us put up a fight. His name was strange  I know but she was little so we all let it slide.

One day My older sister and I was in the barn jumping in the hay. It was so much fun but tiring so after awhile we stopped and she said she wanted to show me something. She  pulled from her pocket a shiny brand new Kennedy half dollar. Now I had never seen one of these before and was amazed by how large it was and how pretty it looked. I asked my sister if I could have it, at first she said No. I kept bothering her and finally she looked at me and said Linda I will let you have this if you ride Bull Head. I stood there for a moment looking at the bull. I thought why not he is our friend and would never hurt us, plus the thought of having that Kennedy half dollar for my very own was irresistible, so I told my sister sure.

Well I was not prepared for what happened next, I guess she had seen too many rodeo movies or something cause she said she was going to tie me on his back. Some how she tied his head close to the barn wall so as he could not really move a lot, then she sat me on top of him. We waited a few seconds and he seems ok with me there so she got a rope and proceeded to tie me on. She defiantly didn’t know what she was doing, cause the rope was kinda loose but she thought it would hold me on.

After she finished the knots she let him loose in the barn. Oh my God he began to buck and bronc and jump and moo, it was crazy, I tried to hold on as tight as I could but to no avail, I began to slide, but with the ropes tied around me and the bull I could not fall off. I ended up under his belly and all I saw was his hooves coming towards my face. Suddenly I realized I was in great danger, I honestly thought I was going to die. All sorts of things ran through my small mind but the only one that stuck was get me off this thing ! I was crying and yelling and telling my sister to help me.

My sister struggled to untie the rope but with all the ruckus the bull was making and me trying desperately not to be stepped on or killed it took her some time. Finally the rope was off and my Big sister was pulling me from the floor. I looked at her still confused and held out my hand. She never said a word just handed me that shiny new Kennedy half dollar.

Now you may be asking if this had any affect on me since then, Well no, it does cross my mind now and then but, I did not grow up to be a bull rider, or a rodeo clown, but sometimes I truely wish I had !

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