Free Mystery Shopping Guides And Courses

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Would you like to earn money shopping? Many people work part time as mystery shoppers. Mystery shoppers earn money for shopping, going to movies and eating at restaurants. They can earn money for going to many stores, banks, theaters, restaurants and businesses that they go to in their area. Mystery shoppers pose as customers and make purchases.

Mystery shoppers are also known as secret shoppers and CSEs or Customer Service Evaluators. When you register to work as a mystery shopper at mystery shopping websites you are applying to evaluate the service at stores, restaurants and businesses. You will be expected to fill out questionnaires or write reports about the experience. You may be expected to have mystery shopping experience, training or certification.

You can find mystery shopping assignments at mystery shopping websites. The Volition mystery shopping website has shopping assignments. You will get email job alerts from many mystery shopping websites. You should not have to pay any fees to register to work as a mystery shopper.

If you’re considering mystery shopping it will help to know more about mystery shopping and how to do it correctly. You may want to take mystery shopping courses and buy mystery shopping manuals. Many websites online are also offering free mystery shopping guides and courses to help you learn how to be a mystery shopper.

A free mystery shopping course is available at these two websites and You register by typing in your name and email address. The next webpage will show you some recommended survey companies. Then you first mystery shopping lesson will be waiting in your email inbox.

Many of the mystery shopping programs have their own certifications. These prove that you know how to perform the evaluations correctly according to their standards. They don’t cost anything. You can also get a Mystery Shopping Providers Association Certification for $15 or $99.

The Mystery Shopping Providers Association has mystery shopping information and links on their websites. There’s information about being certified as an MSPA certified shopper. The MSPA Silver Certification costs $15 and the MSPA Gold Certification with DVD costs $99. The MSPA cautions you to deal only with mystery shopping companies who are MSPA Members.


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