Top Fashion Trends for 2009-2010

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There are many unique fashions from the 70’s and 80’s which are the new craze and fashion trend for 2009.  Check out the bright bold colors, bandage dresses, harem pants and droopy jumpsuits. Many of the colors used in the textiles are two tones, such as red and yellow, orange and pink and purple and blue.

Bandage dresses and the figure-hugging dress are the new style for this season; you can complement these by wearing the new matching bandage-style sandals to match. If you like to wear denim; torn and acid-wash ripped jeans are still in style and the preferred denim look by many Hollywood celebrities. Tribal costumes and prints with turbans and safari suits have made a comeback this year to make you look audacious, exotic and adventurous.

The “Eighties” are back with the spectacular lapels, retro colors and impressive necklines, and if you like fringes there is a lot of fringing hems and seams used in dresses and skirts. Geometric monochrome pattern prints are also the latest “in” thing including classic black and white bold graphics. Wear your print jumpsuit, which is back and they come in all types from sexy to casual to evening wear, and don’t forget to buy your shredded-up or plain shorts that are so short this year they sometimes leave little to the imagination!

The “Harem” pants that are loose and baggy are part of the Top Woman Fashion Trends for 2009 and will really show that you are in vogue this year, if you are courageous enough to wear them. Striped and leopard print jackets that are loose-fitting and tomboy style are chic to wear with your Harem pants.  

V-neck Kimono dresses, jackets, and sleeves as well as latticework are also very trendy these days.  Shoes and summer mesh sandals and latticework footwear are all the rage for the summer of 2009.  If you like to wear “metallic”, make sure you wear the dull metallic kind, especially if they are accessories, shoes and jewelry; silver and gold, as well as copper and bronze metallic is the fad this year.

From nude and transparent with opaque underneath, to feminine chiffon and sand colors which are really sophisticated, these are many of the fabrics for 2009. Wear a transparent toga for your cocktail tonight, or a shoulder dresses called a “Toga.”  These are very flattering and are the latest trend for this summer and are worn as a shirt, a mini dress or a gown. The “Toga” dress and the “Grecian” dress are reminders of the Greek Goddesses who lived in Rome, and who were dressed in draped clothes, sometimes with only one sleeve. 

The Top Woman Fashion Trends for 2009 also include Tuxedos both, with a flirty skirt or with “palazzo” pants; both are good investments this year.  Palazzo pants are pants with wide loose legs; you can even wear ruffle palazzo pants with your Tuxedo. Ruffles are also the new chic style for bags, swimwear, dresses, jackets, skirts, shorts, pants and sweaters.  What’s more, Sequins have made a big comeback in 2009; look for them on belts, tops, scarves, bags, shirts, jackets and socks.

The Gladiator and The Vaudeville styles are here to stay; from Roman Gladiator looking armored shirts and skirts, to laced boots and sandals in all colors and prints.  The Vaudeville look is back in ripped lace and shredded jeans. And the low back dress is the big thing, where you can now show off your Brazilian tan and beautiful back at the same time.

Accessories and jewelry are all oversized for 2009; large hoop earrings and bracelets, cuffs and huge necklaces with an attitude, including wide belts that accentuate the waistlines. Zippers seem to be everywhere; from skirts to shirts, to bags and belts, from leggings to pants, and zippered shoes and boots.

Enjoy yourself with the new Top Woman Fashion Trends for 2009!


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