Acne in Adults, the Causes and Treatments

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Acne is common in teenagers. However, 25% of adults are believed to have suffered from acne at one time during their life. Acne is caused by an overproduction in testosterone and/or a lessened production of binding globulin. This leads to an overproduction in oil. When skin is oily it tends to block pores hence why they tend to be large and can be seen clearly. The trapped bacteria in these pores cause the angry red spots also known as acne. Research has shown that an increase in stress also leads to an increase in the production of testosterone. Therefore stress is a large accelerant of acne. Acne can scar so it is best to treat it as early as possible.

However there are methods to treat acne.

  • Some GPs suggest using birth control pills. The reason being is that birth control pills change your hormone levels and therefore the amount of testosterone in your system.
  • There are laser treatments available through private clinics. These work by killing bacteria and simultaneously stimulating collagen production.
  • Your GP may also suggest some types of creams and antibiotics to help kill the bacteria build up that causes acne.
  • You can help at home by relaxing and cleansing properly.
  • It is advisable to go to a good dermatologist and receive advice and treatment. They are specialists and are used to dealing with patients suffering from acne.

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