Facial Cleansing

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Cleansing your face should be an integral part of any beauty regime. However, knowing how to cleanse your face properly can significantly help the look of your skin. It is best to cleanse your skin two to three times a day.

Cleansing for Dry skin

You can tell you have dry skin when your pores are fine and the texture of your skin feels dry to the touch. If you have naturally dry skin then you need a little moisturizer with your cleanser. If you are pregnant or subject to cold weather then you may find your skin is even drier than normal. Most beauty therapists actually advise against using soap on your face. The best products to use on dry skin are cleansing lotions or gels that have a moisturizing base.

Cleansing for Oily skin

You can tell you have oily skin when your pores are large and visible and feel oily to touch. This type of skin tends to be prone to acne. Oily skin needs cleansing with warmer water than other types of skin. Try to avoid harsh products that can strip the skin of oil, this will lead to the overproduction of oil resulting in skin flakiness. The best products to use with oily skin are natural essential oil-based products that dissolve sebum.

Cleansing for Sensitive Skin

You know your skin is sensitive when it reacts quickly to heat, cold, sun and wind. This type tends to be prone to allergic reactions and irritations caused by cosmetics, perfumes and detergents. This can leave the skin red, blotchy, inflamed, stinging, dry and possibly peeling. You need to use especially sensitive skin cleansers. Avoid cleansers that are perfume based. It is advisable to test the cleanser on a patch of skin before using it fully.

Cleansing for Normal Skin

You know your skin is normal when your pores are visible but not large and your skin doesn’t feel dry or oily to the touch. If you have normal skin you do not have to be specific with your cleanser. However, to maintain a healthy look to your skin it is best to choose a light cleanser with a little moisturizer.

How to use a gel based cleanser- Simply place a little cleanser into the palm or your hand. Then mix with a little luke warm water. Next rub gently on to your face using upward strokes. Then rinse off the cleanser with luke warm water by splashing your face. Do not rub your face, dry simply by patting your face with a towel.

How to use a Lotion based cleanser- Place an average amount into the palm of your hand. Then apply to your skin gently using upward strokes. Wipe off the cleanser with cotton wool gently, again using upward strokes.

These are just two guidelines on how to use your cleansers without causing as much damage to your skin. However, cleansers do vary and you should read the manufacturers directions before application. You can always incorporate the manufacturers instructions with these routines.


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