How to earn money filling up online surveys in Asia?

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It all started in year 2005 when I was in search for online opportunities to earn some money. The first online earning program I was exposed to was get paid to fill surveys or giving retail opinions. However, the problem is that I was unable to get many of those survey opportunities. I kept on searching and only to find most of these websites that provides surveys are primarily for US citizens and demograhic based.

I signed up as many of such programs as possible and periodically do get some surveys to fill, but earning was really very little. The break came when I found Planet Pluse, a get paid to fill survey program that is based in Asia. In fact this survey company is based in Malaysia. Because of its location, it generally gets more business in the Asia region and particularly more for the South-East Asia region which includes countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and so on.

After joining Planet Pulse, I have managed to get a few cash out annually and I am very happy with the number of survey opportunities offered to me. Survey request just kept coming in since then. The minimum cash out amount is capped at US$25 or 2500 points. Most surveys comes with reward between 300 to 500 points. You do the math, $1 for every 100 points. The mode of payment to members is via PayPal.

Apart from filling up surveys, Planet Pulse also offers you to ability to refer members and earn from every surveys that your referrals have successfully completed. That is what I call residual income.

Planet Pulse is a genuine and paying online survey website that netizens from Asia will tend to benefit  slightly more due to the amount of survey opportunities. It also offers survey opportunities for members from other demographic. Visit this page for Planet Pulse payment proof.


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