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“Cara”, What’s In A Name Anyway?

My name is Cara, which has no significant meaning in the English language except for being used in a number of acronyms. However, in other languages it has several different meanings. My name can be difficult to pronounce in the English language. If someone from a Latino or Italian culture reads my name they become awed by the meaning of it and make sure to share the meaning of my name in their language. The origin of my name, in comparison to the English language, will be described as a noun, another an adjective and a synonym.  I never used to like my name due to its difficulty to pronounce as well as someone, on any given day, would mispronounce it. My feelings towards my name have changed since I am aware of the different meanings. By my own Father choosing the name “Cara” for me, it has shown me a great deal of significance.

 The origin of the name “Cara” came from Southern Italy. There has even been a song with the title “Cara Mia Mine” written.  I remember my Father used to play the song when we were in our restaurant. The definition of the word “cara” in Italian can be dear, dearest one or light of the family. It can be also used to imply a nickname for some one with a beautiful face or otherwise distinctive face. Considering, but not bragging, that I have a proportioned face. In which, according to some artists and scientists, they describe that feature to be attractive to the human eye.  What the name “Cara” signifies in Italian, which is my ethnicity, as well as German and Irish, is what has given me more appreciation for the word “cara” and the word being my name. 

In the Irish language, under baby names, the name “Cara” appears again with its meaning of “friend”. That is the simple definition and the only one I have found for the Irish language. The idea that my Father named me “Cara” makes me wonder how much thought he put into choosing the right name for me. In addition to my Mother being of German and Irish decent which now runs through my blood too.

 “Cara” in the Latino language implies a diverse definition except for the two words mentioned prior that have the meaning of  “face and dear”. Those two meanings in Spanish also connect to the Italian definition of “cara” in some way. There are many similarities of words and their applications in the Italian and Spanish language. I like one particular definition of “cara” meaning “expensive” in the Spanish language. If a man could know all the meanings of my name, off hand, I might just be able to find the right suitor. There are several other ways to use the word “cara” in different sentences such as an expression, a “cheek” (a part of the face), “side” (like it is written on both sides) also, “right side”. In the Portuguese language, the definition of “cara” is translated as “correspondence”, “expression” or “formal”.  This is the first time I have learned more than one definition of the word or name “Cara”, which makes it more fascinating to me.

 With all the definitions given as synonyms, nouns and adjectives, the exploration of my name has brought me to several different countries and origins. I have derived pleasure from learning so much about it compels me to be even more proud to be called “Cara”. It can be pronounced differently as well as having a different meaning which makes it all more unconventional to be named “Cara”.    


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