Increasing Provacative Behavior Among Teens

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Increasing Provocative Behavior Among Teens

 As I came across a movie while flipping through channels I became interested in the story for some reason or another. The movie was about three teenage girls that were in high school exploring love, acceptance and their sexuality.  One teenage girl struggled with her weight, another with her sexual preference, and the last, how to have an orgasm! I was astounded at the topics that were discussed in the movie! Our society today, the media and other sources have raised ideas, suggestions and thoughts into younger teens’ minds then ever before thus causing and encouraging more adult provocative behavior and discussions among teens.

 In the news, there have been discussions regarding teenagers using cell phones and sending each other pictures containing nudity and other sexual acts. Cases have been tried where teenage sex is against the law in some states. Lets not forget cases where teenagers meet adult men or women online with an end result of never to be seen again or found dead. This behavior may be contributing even more so to the predator that lurks about for a victim yet teenagers do not understand this. Teenagers longing to be accepted and loved are going to the extremes in their actions, even possibly moving them into violent behavior. I sense that the cause of the attention getting actions is due to lack of a stable foundation of love and acceptance that starts at a young age. This behavior could be a cause of the increasing amount of cases where there is abuse in the family or lack of responsibility on the parent’s part to become more engaged in their child’s life.

There is a demand on parents to engage in how the children feel about themselves or how they perceive others. Not to exclude the possibility of the friends that their teenagers have and other outlets such as the Internet, that expose them to things children or teens shouldn’t be experiencing at that age.

The need for love can also cause behavior that is erratic. Teenagers may not understand that the sensation they feel of not being able to live with out another, or the butterflies of the first kiss are merely a chemical reaction in the brain causing the feelings of heightened happiness. The thoughts of marrying someone or being with them forever is a dream without reality at that age. The awareness of just knowing that the feeling will eventually dissipate and reality will set in can open youth’s eyes to make more realistic decisions. This knowledge may lead to a difference of life changing decisions such as having a child or marrying at a young age. This awareness may lead to less depression and less suicide rates also.

 The demand to “fit in” and peer pressure are among the causes of actions taken as well. Peer pressure has been around and there has been an explosion of the awareness of it but that knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean that teens have been taught or have learned about peer pressure. Many teens may look at it as just a phrase. If a teenager desires acceptance, they may look to others their age and see how they are behaving and try to follow in their peer’s footsteps to attract the same attention and acceptance. Such examples may be the way the teen is dressing, meeting strangers, posting less than desirable videos online for the world to see, so they can attract any attention, good or bad. By doing these things that they normally wouldn’t do, rebelling against their parents for the sake of having friends or finding loving relationship is an extreme cause for love and acceptance.

It is sad to think that our society maybe encouraging this behavior by the mistakes the generation prior has made. I know my generation has experienced drug abuse, abuse in homes, and many of my peers come from dysfunctional families. If these behaviors are not modified or corrected, they are seen by children and are sadly repeated. The cause of change not only has to begin with the teenagers and teaching them but also leading by example. Many parents can help their children by setting an example for them at a young age, but perhaps when the “babies were having babies” era came about, we were not in the position to lead at that point. We can’t protect the teens and guide them in every decision by being right by their side. We have to imbed into their mind, heart and souls that we love them no matter what. We have to teach unconditional love and realistic knowledge of life and how to overcome obstacles. In order to be in a position to teach, we need to learn ourselves, in order to teach them the right way. Hopefully, when people say they learn from their mistakes, they can relay that information effectively causing a change among our youth not to take the same path or more so an even more destructive one.


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