How to Ace a Job Interview

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Have you ever been to a job interview? If you haven’t, you might think it’s an awkward and scary situation to be in. Little do you know that even those who already have gone to job interviews still have the jitters. Passing exams and resume screenings are relatively easy as compared with the interview itself. The way you behave, speech pattern, your punctuality and the way you carry yourself are strong indicators of your work ethic. They are mindful of these characteristics since they are wary if you are indeed worth every buck that they pay you once you get hired. Listed below are some tips and strategies to ace that interview.


The lack of confidence or having so much of it is often a failing point of an interviewee. To boost your self-confidence up, try making a questionnaire of probable employer questions. Try answering them in front of the mirror. Notice your facial expressions, eye contact and gestures. Make sure that though you keep eye contact NEVER stare. You would also find certain habits like playing with your fingers will also distract the interviewer and give a bad impression.

Preparation and Grooming

Prepare what you’re going to wear beforehand. If you’re not quite sure what to wear, you may call them and ask for it. If no specific details are given, men may just wear slacks, leather shoes and a long-sleeved shirt and a suit jacket. For ladies, you may wear office slacks and a business top w/ a suit jacket. If you decide to wear a skirt make sure it is 1 or 2 inches below the knee. Iron your clothes and keep your shoes in top shape, shiny and spot free. If you need a makeover, make sure it fits what you wear. Don’t spend too much. Keep in mind that you don’t have the job yet. For men, it’s a good idea to be clean-shaven; you can ditch the mustache and goatee. If you really like it, you can always grow it back once you’re hired. Get plenty of rest and sleep before the interview. And before going out, brush your teeth and hit the showers.

The interview

On the interview itself, make sure you arrive early. An hour before the schedule is sufficient. Avoid all distractions (e.g. cell phones, etc.). Greet the receptionist when you come in and maintain that friendly tone. If you have received any assistance, always thank people who gave it to you.

Then, wait for the interviewer to shake your hand. When shaking his or her hand, grasp a little firmly. You don’t want to crush it. Just enough to make them feel the eagerness in you. Keep standing after. Once you’re offered to sit down, thank them and sit. Now it’s time for the interview to start.

When asked questions, listen carefully. Give out info that’s being asked; provide just the required amount of details. Don’t be too talkative or too shy. An important reminder when answering is to always be honest with your answers, Honesty and Integrity are core values companies look for in their employees aside from work ethic and skills. Showing these values as early as this stage shows them you are trustworthy and worth keeping. Nod your head but don’t overdo it. It is a non-verbal gesture that denotes the intent not just to listen but understand but overdoing it means you’re faking it.  Don’t be too meticulous of the salary. Companies know what’s best to give on a certain position. When you’re in doubt, ask questions. An interview has a 2-way communication line. If you ask questions like what are the roles that must be done if you get hired, if you work independently of others or on a team, those questions will let them know that you’re eager to learn, and ready for work.

Those are just a few tips on acing your interview. With constant practice and a lot of research about the company, its sure that you make a good first impression and will don’t have a hard time maintaining it.


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