Reviewing Jeffrey’s Restaurant in Austin, Texas

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Jeffrey’s is an upscale restaurant in Austin located at 1204 West Lynn in the historical center of the Clarksville neighborhood. The restaurant was established by Jeffrey Weinberger and Ron Weiss in 1975, and the chef brings a personal touch to all her plates enriching them with flavors from Europe and various dishes that bring the French, Creole, Southern and Asian cuisine together in a perfect blend, plus every night they offer a half-price happy hour from 5:00 P.M to 7:00 P.M., and of course if you can afford the regular price it is a great first date place; the restaurants décor also seems to be very detailed and simple giving it the right upscale look.

The restaurant offers a good range of wines such as the Canella Rose’ Brut from Venice for $10.00 a glass, or the Rocca Pinot grigio, white wine, from Venice for $8.00 or another white wine is the Kuentz Bas-Riesling from France for $10.00 a glass, while for their red wines you can have the Montaribaldi Palaxxina from Barbaresco in Italy for $17.00 a glass or the Luberri Seis Rioja from Spain at $9.00 a glass.

For their small plates, or appetizers you can order the crispy oyster Octavia which are oysters on bacon with an overnight tomato vinaigrette for $15.00, or the Fois Gras Chauld-Froid like the Hudson valley fois gras mousse and orange vanilla gelee’ with black pepper honey pistachios topped with strawberry vanilla vinaigrette for $25.00, and for the brave ones there are the escargot Rockefeller which are basil snails with spinach in a cream sauce and topped with pecorino cheese for $13.00.


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