The Ultimate Cost

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The old saying goes” Sometimes the best things in life are free”, well I think that saying all depends on a person’s view on life and what they believe to be in their best interest. Some people may think free is a meaning of no cash value. Rest assured, there are many things in life that are the best things one could ever want and they did not come free, they came at a cost. People may perceive that in life materialistic value is what brings happiness or even financial freedom. Sure, those are great things to have if that is what one’s belief is the best for them. There are so many greater things that have been given to people in life that were definitely not free and that were not of a material substance.

Living in the United States of America is a privilege. Many people come from all over the world to live the American dream and live as free citizens in a country united. However, The United States is not called “The Land Of The Free” because there wasn’t a price tag attached. The U.S.A. emerged from a great cost; the cost of lives. All our founding fathers of this country and their family’s lives were put at risk when signing the Declaration Of Independence. All of the men who went to war in the past to defend our country when being invaded they paid a huge price of their lives as well. If it was not for the cost of their courage, and their beliefs in uniting this country we may not be living on the greatest continent in the world today.

Another cost associated with the land of the free that will never have a cash value came about with loss of a life in the mid 1960’s We all have the great opportunity to vote in this country and to experience equality, where before this one man gave his life, we could only dream about the possibility. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s life was the cost of civil rights. His freedom was compromised as well as his life for the sake of others. There were other people during that era and since that have also stood up for their beliefs and it has cost them friends, family and time. There is no price for the cost of civil rights and freedom, which is another great thing to have.

In many other countries in the world there are the sick, the hungry and the poor. In order to reach out to help so many of those other countries, including out own, it takes a lot of caring people to aid in the despair of many. Some of those people who do help are with organizations or participate in missionary aid work. These people who go out through the world helping, sacrifice their time, possibly their jobs and their families. A cost of their great deeds could be from their own financial gain. Some people use their own money for aid in foreign countries where others might not be able to help. The cost of helping others is a selfless act and should be looked at as a respected position in life to hold.

These are the best things in life in my eyes above all. For it is wasn’t for this country, civil rights and aid, there would be no foundation to be able to experience all the other wonderful things in life that are free. We might not be able to walk along freely and smell the roses. We might not be able to make a change in this country with out being able to vote. We might not be here to share the best things in life if it weren’t for selfless acts of kindness. Every one of these examples shows that great things in life definitely are not free.


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