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We have all heard that everyone’s body is different. Our bodies respond differently to diets, exercises and even weight loss medications. The human body can endure much but it is also a very sensitive machine. We hear stories from people who live to be a hundred years old or older. One may say that they drank a glass of wine each day, while another may claim that they danced at least once a week. Unfortunately, scientists and researchers aren’t able to pinpoint that “one thing” that is common among the elderly that have longevity. Sometimes the life span of a human lies in the genes and their bloodline. One thing is for sure; everyone is different in one-way or another. As we take care of ourselves the best we know how, some things do not work as well for us as it may for others. Exercise has its own effect on the body. How a person exercises can alter the results. If it is for heart health and basic exercise to keep the body moving then some simple walks or some light cardio such as bike riding might be what is required. If building lean muscles and muscle mass is the goal then lifting weights might be the way to go. There are also more relaxing techniques of exercising and helping the body and mind stay balanced and centered. Exercising to lose weight can be an experiment all in its own.

Almost everyone I know has been on a diet either for health reasons or to try to look their best. For those that are interested in their health diet and exercise may be the key. The type of exercise is important. To build the heart muscle, healthy bones and increase oxygen to the brain it is suggested that a cardio work out is best. That is where the heart rate is increased for a certain amount of time depending on the targeted heart of the person working out. This does not require much effort for the people who are over weight because they have the extra weight already adding to a strenuous exercise. However, for others that are not in it to lose weight, it may take some time to increase their heart rate because their body has to have increased endurance. Some types of cardio workouts consist of running, swimming, aerobics, bicycling and walking. These are key exercises help obtain good cardio health and overall body maintenance.

Body building and strength training is another form of exercise. Strength training is not just limited to body builders as some may think. Lifting weights can make you stronger but it also can help you lose weight. Weight lifting also has shown to improve arthritis by strengthening the muscles, which in turn cushion and protect the joints. It helps reduce a person’s risk of injury because it strengthens everything, not just muscles and bones. Some studies have shown that regular strength training can help lower blood pressure. Most of all lifting does help with building lean muscle mass. When there is more muscle mass the metabolism gets faster leading the body to burn more calories. Weight training and lifting can help with losing weight and maintaining the bodies’ functions of movement to help make every day things, like carrying groceries, seem a little smoother.

Pilates and Yoga have become the new wave of exercise. Palates is a form of exercise, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support graceful movement. Core strength is the foundation of Pilates exercise. Also torso stability along with a few other principles set the Pilates method apart from many types of other exercise. Yoga is also similar in ways to Pilates just a few different techniques. Yoga can help increase muscle tone, help with pain prevention, and better breathing techniques. Yoga can also increase mental calmness. These types of exercises might seem milder than others but they can reap the benefits just as well.

Now that different forms of exercise have been shown to aid in all types of areas of the body the only thing left to do is choose the method which is of most interest. Some people may choose an exercise program that they can do at home to save money. There are others that may choose Yoga or Pilates, which are less strenuous than other forms that have been covered. Some forms of exercise require an at home gym or a gym membership. To lose weight, I have found that a combination of all works best because the body can get used to a routine that is not changed thus leading to more exercise being needed to burn more calories. Knowing what type of exercise benefits one’s own unique body is even more beneficial. One thing in common with all the exercises is that in some form or fashion they will be of benefit to the body when a routine is started.


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