Jaycee Dugard missing for 18 years

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Jaycee Dugard, Why didn’t anybody help? Why didn’t Jacyee get help?

An amazing story of a child gone missing for 18 years and now reappears with two children. It bares repeating again, living in a backyard “with in a backyard”, in a shed, again with two children for 18 years! It is nothing less of a miracle. However; it seems incomprehensible that this could happen in a neighborhood surrounded by other homes, with other families, why didn’t anyone notice?

Well first of all, the question for  many is “Why didn’t Jaycee Dugard run for help or try to escape?”

Lets all regress a bit to when we were eleven. Those of us who were that age in 1991, or turned 11 years old prior to that year remember times were different than they are now in some sense. I know when I was eleven, which was in 1984, I knew what school I attended, I knew my home phone number and I may have known how to get to the corner store or any other frequented areas that my parents took me to. Other than that, if I were taken from my closed environment and driven 300 or more miles away, I doubt I would have been able to find my way back home. We have been judging this from the mindset of an adult, we must go back and remember this was a child when this happened.

Besides being 11 years old, in my opinion, more than likely Jaycee Dugard was threatened. I am sure her captor threatened the life of her parents, and then when she birthed children from the Father/Captor, Garrido, more than likely He threatened her child’s lives. I am thinking either when Jaycee would speak  on the phone or have any outside contact, there was a threat hanging over her head that if she ran for help someone else would be harmed due to her selfishness. This is a twisted man who mentally and physically abused and controlled Jacyee for 18 years! From the age, again of 11!

In addition to the question of “Why didn’t Jaycee get help?” or “Why didn’t others notice”? Well the answer is simple, people mind their own business. Sad to say, not everyone, but majority of people in this era stay inside their homes watching TV, blogging, and fiddling with phones, in addition, also tending to their own families that need attention.

There has been this issue for quite some time, where were all these people that didn’t notice anything was wrong for 18 years? Let me ask this to each of you, how often do you see your neighbors much less have a conversation with them? Surely some of us haven’t even met our neighbors that reside with in the 15 to 20 ft buffer between property lines. There isn’t much engagement of the “Welcome to the Neighborhood” parties much less borrowing sugar from one another. Many live in their own worlds and do not want to be bothered or do not want to have the stigma on them as being called a “snitch” when things happen all around them.

One of my favorite TV shows is “I Survived” on the BIO channel. There are numerous accounts of people being raped, murdered, beaten, robbed right in the middle of their community. They somehow free themselves and begin to  run from their attackers all bloodied and beaten, screaming for others to stop their car and help, sadly many drivers remain as passer-byes. It is sad to think that if someone was on the verge of dying and just one person could be the one to help save a life and instead people continued on with their TV shows or the destination they have to get to, which is certainly much more important than saving a life. Obviously not.

These victims are not necessarily screaming for someone to fight off the attackers, but in some instances a simple call to 911 could help some one make it back home to their families, ALIVE!

People have succumbed to networking online, having relationships through texting and live life through the TV. Let’s get involved a bit more, let’s get that “Neighborhood Watch” organized again. Let’s borrow some sugar from that neighbor we haven’t met the whole ten years we have lived next to them. Let’s help someone in need today! Possibly, with more personal contact and more of our eyes taken of the LCD screens we are consumed with, we could notice alot more of what is going on around us and save some lives!


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