How to Make the Most of Video Games You No Longer Play

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Sell Them.

Many stores such as GameStop and Play N Trade will actually pay you for your game whether in store credit or in cash. Another great place to sell an old game is eBay for where you may fetch a little more money. Also take note that newer games will fetch far more money than old games, so don’t hesitate to sell the off if you’re sure you will no longer play this game. Also cash is always better than store credit unless you are sure you’re going to spend the money there again.

Trade Them.

A website I stumbled upon was where you enter in a game you’re will to trade and it matches you up with someone who wants the game and what they’re willing to trade you for. The best part is you can keep repeating the process. This is much more cost effective than renting games at blockbuster in my opinion.

Give Them as Gifts.

I know what you’re thinking. “Just give them away?” Well not exactly, the holiday seasons aren’t that far away. Giving that game you no longer play as a gift will not only clear some room in your game collection but save you money. That means you don’t have to spend any extra money on buying a gift than you need to.

These are just a food good ways to make the must of the games you no longer play.

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