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Links is most loved by search engine; by using link your site get popular. Link is important to get known by others or search engine. It because links make it easier for search engine to find your pages, search engine index your pages, follow the links on that pages to other pages.
The link text often contain keywords that search engine can use to know more about your pages. Your links can provide the information to the search engine about a page. Then you should remember that links can bring people to your page. Beside that, link can increase page rank; by get links to the site from outside you can increase your site page rank beside you increase the number of pages in your site as the other ways. By a single link you can vote large a mounts of page rank.

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You have a links from the other page with high page rank it also affect to your site but you should take a note for, the more links on pages that point to your site, the lower the value of the links to on your site it’s because the vote is being shared. You should choose a related links to your site because of the relevancy software is almost certainty imprecise.
The links that pointing to a page inside a site is more valued than links to the home page, so be a wise for choosing a suitable link to your site and get popular. You also give a keyword into a links, links keyword can also give an idea to search engine figure out what a site or page talk about.
Please concern about back links that is an integral part of optimization of your site. Back links is a link back to your site, search engine look at back link to figure out what your site about and how important it is.
If you can manage all your links it would be take effect to your popularity, using links is a way of recruiting web site owners to help point out useful site and pages and it is the search engine loved to. So get your links, back link then manage it to get popularity of your site.


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