True Blood season episode 12 finale SPOILERS and Halloween info: Beyond Here Lies Nothin

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True Blood Spoilers, News, and Halloween Ideas:
With True Blood ending, many viewers are so curious about how the True Blood finale will end. Many True Blood viewers want to see Eric and Sookie get together, while others like Bill and Sookie. Whatever the case maybe sad to say True Blood season 2 will be ending in a few weeks on September 13, 2009. That is right True Blood fans the finale will not première on September 6, because of Labor Day weekend. Ah, what a huge bummer now all the fans have to sit and wonder how the season 2 will end.

Now that you know the True Blood finale for season 2 put you on hold for another week you can catch up on the other episodes. Speaking of other True Blood episodes, you do have two awesome ones coming up episode 10 and 11. The first episode is tonight, called “New World in My View.” Will Sookie’s attempt to reach Tara through the darkness come through? Will Jason rescue Sam? Of course, in the last episode “I Will Rise Up” Sam was put in jail. Therefore, to make viewers happy he has to be rescued. Will Bill finally realize Maryann has a hard time being affected, by all of this vampire stuff going on? Tune in to see what really happens on September 13, 2009.

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