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A question I have had to answer many times is,” where can I get good writing Ideas”? Every time I have to answer that I feel kind of silly. I don’t really have an answer. It may be because of my wacked sense of humor or simply because my brain never stand still, but I never have to go looking for good writing Ideas.

Maybe it is practice, or something I learnt long ago. In school we had to do one piece every week in language class. Not something long, usually just 300 words. The teacher also gave five topics, and usually I did not know which one to pick. After a while I decided to simply take the topic I think I can do the least with and write the best I can. This taught me that I can write about anything. I simply had to sit down and write. 

Writing for a living gave me a different perspective though. Now I had no one handing out topics, I was on an open playing field. I called the shots; as long as it sold. I had to start digging up something worthwhile. This started off a process. I write about the things I love and about things that happened. 

Some of these topics I cultivated over a ting, like planning and building my garden. Here I have a never ending stream of things to write about. I simply have to watch and do, and then I can write. Other Ideas I make. Like booking into a B&B or going to a restaurant. They love good reviews and I love putting them on the net. The best ones though, just happen. It’s part of life; like blowing my cars engine while coming back from a place I stayed over at and being towed home. Life is a treasure trove of things to write about.

If I have my little treasure chest open and I still can’t find anything I like, I still have one backup. I turn on my PC and click on my pictures. I have something like 20 000 pictures in a growing collection. A lot of these I took myself and it takes only a few minutes to find something that brings a good story to mind.

That is what I do. How do you do it?


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