How Wow is turning Knights in Shining Armour into Crack Whores

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It seems nowadays that new mmos are seen not as games but as modern knights of old, who boldly go forth to slay their dragon, and just like knights of old, they all fail they all die. If you squint hard enough you can almost see auto assault strapping its armour on and going into the cave never to be seen again. Just try and think of how many times you have heard something like “this game really is a potential wow killer! The trouble is it wasn’t. They aren’t. And heres a new thought for you, maybe they don’t need to.

We all know wow is huge. It’s mega-hyper-huge.  And yeah I know it’s no accident, I played it and I can see why. The trouble is it’s been around a while now and we gamers are suckers for something new, something fresh. Something yet another expansion won’t give us.  Something like tabula rasa? Remember when that was hailed as a new take on the genre? Something fresh? Just like Pirates of the Burning Sea Was. Are you seeing the pattern here?

Let’s pull back a little here. Maybe I’m just getting old but I’m sure I remember a time before wow. I remember when Stormwind was all fields. Yeah that’s right wow wasn’t the first mmo. There was a time when mmos weren’t expected to hit a target so high.  We didn’t expect them to please everyone it was enough that they pleased enough. Ultima online never had the financial or cultural impact of wow but that didn’t matter, the people who played it enjoyed it.

Mmos now cannot afford to be mediocre; they can’t even afford to be good. They have to be WOW KILLERS, or like a crack whore they’ll have crammed ‘servers’ on day one and be dead a couple of months later when the novelty has worn off and the punters have all gone home to Mrs. WoW.

So how about this, let’s all stop trying to be the one who prophesies the downfall of WoW and just let mmos  live or die on their own merits, not Wows’. Because if we don’t they’ll stop trying and we’ll be stuck with our level 2000 toons on WoW with no hope of a knight coming to save us because they all died in the gutter full of STDs and crack!


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