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Working from home, as much fun and as flexible as it is, places one thing squarely in your hands; your income. You are not only in full control of where it comes from, you also carry full responsibility. If you work online like me, you are also aware of the multiple income strategy.

All of the hardcore on liners will tell you that you should create more than one income stream. Even if you are only buying and selling, adding Google ads or having affiliate links on your site is a great idea. Visitors not interested in what you do, may still follow one of your links or click on one of your ads. All of this brings income.

Even though the multiple income streams are old news, there is a little addition to this. The net is my workplace and my main income. I have 6 income streams other than what I mainly do. Outside this I still have offline income streams that does not require a lot of attention. I strongly advocate having an offline income stream when you work online permanently. These usually come from hobbies and pets.

Even if you work from home offline, you should consider this. Having an extra income stream means more money and a better cash flow. It’s so simple once you start looking. I have a chicken and cock which belongs to the grand children. The extra income line comes from the chicks these two regularly have. The local pet shop pays for chicks. I simply pat the new ones in a box once a month and take them there. Another line comes from my plants. I spend time in my garden every day and I love cloning my plants. I started off with 2 lavender plants, and now I have a whole lavender hedge. On top of this I have some to sell. The garden also brings stories for my blog and fresh vegetables.

All of these ads to my budget, either in money or with money not spent. I think this is an idea worth considering, don’t you?


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