Parinirvana of Gautama Bhudda!

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Parinirvana of Gautama Bhudda !

The sixth century B.C witnessed a great religious upheaval in India leading to the birth of two great religions called Buddhism and Jainism;

The Enlightenment of Gautama Buddha was an important event in the history of Bhuddhism. Thereafter Buddha spread the gospel of his religion throughout the world for a period of forty years.

Buddha knew that would die at the age of eighty. He foretold his followers that he would die on completing the age of 80 and so he even devised a model code and principles to be followed as well as to be preached by his disciples and monasteries..

The day on which Gautama Buddha died was known as the day of Parinirvana.Having already attained the enlightenment forty years ago, it was time to leave the mortal remains or the body what is known as ‘Nirvana’.

Parinirvana marks the anniversary of Sakyamuni Buddha’s death at Kushinagara in India when he was lying on the floor.This is a Mahayana Buddhist festival that marks the death of Buddha.

On 15 th February every year, Mahayana Buddhists celebrate the death of Buddha as the day of Parinirvana. However, some celebrate it on 8 th February.The day of Parinirvana is celebrated all over the world. In Canada, February 18 th is celebrated as the Parinirvana day.

On the Parinirvana Day, followers of Buddhism visit the sacred places, temples and Buddhist monasteries. Some of them also prepare and distribute food on that day and exchange pleasantries.

The Pariniravana day is also meant for reminding their future day of death, because Buddhism preach how this life is transient.This day is also to remember the death of their kith and kin.

On the day of Parinirvana, in the temples the lights are lowered.People chant and medidate in the dim light.The lights are made bright again.The lights are a symbol and they show that the light of Buddhas teachings continue to shine in the world.

Parinibbanasuddha, a very famous Buddhist work, vividly describes the last few days of Buddha’s life until he attained Parinirvana..


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