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DISCLAIMER: This post is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of name to any person online, living or dead is purely coincidental & unintentional.

NOW PICTURE THIS: ‘Natasha’ (a Flawless Dancer) dancing with ‘Anish’ (a Hopeless Dancer).

What’s the 1st thought that crosses your mind? Mathew can’t help but imagine Anish playing ’step-on-toes’ with Natasha’s feet. Sure Natasha (with her panache & elegance) would be able to bring some grace to the performance, but Anish (with his ‘2 left feet’) would surely shout-out-loud for attention, spelling doom to what could have been a breath taking performance.

As weird as it may sound, this scenario holds true to the world of Project Management also (especially IT Project Management). How???

Considering that almost all IT Projects have 2 project managers (Vendor Project Manager-VPM & Client Project Manager-CPM), all we need to do is to metaphorically look at the ‘2 Project Managers’ as the ‘Dancing Couple’ and the ‘Project’ as the ‘Performance’. That’s how!!!

Having had the opportunity of working as a VPM & CPM, Mathew would like to share his Top-10 Tips with all PMs who manage projects in a similar environment:

# 10: Set Expectations at the onset of the project (especially in terms of authority & responsibility).

# 09: Live up to the expectations set at the onset of the project.

# 08: Don’t strive to out-do each other. On the contrary, strive to make each other look good.

# 07: Don’t carry the ‘Do-As-I-Say’ attitude (this especially holds true for CPMs).

# 06: It’s a formal & professional relationship. So act formal & professional.

# 05: Every now and then sit together and talk (not necessarily about the project).

# 04: Keep each other updated of each other’s moves.

# 03: Always keep in mind, both of you are on the same team and act accordingly.

# 02: Show respect & be appreciative of each other’s skill.

# 01: And most importantly, Be Friendly, Not Friends. (refer to Mathew’s post “BEWARE OF FRIENDS IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT“) Keep personal friendship for personal time.

Like it is important for any dancing couple to perform in coordination to put up a stunning performance, similarly the success or failure of a project rests in the coordinated efforts of the 2 PMs who are bestowed the responsibility of managing the project by their respective organizations. Mind you, the underlining motivating factor for both the PMs may be different, but the ultimate goal should be common i.e PROJECT SUCCESS. One uncoordinated step here or there by either of the PMs could spell doom to the project. That’s why Mathew feels, whether Couple Dancing or IT Project Management, when it comes to putting up a breath taking performance, it surely takes “TWO TO TANGO“.

If you agree with this post, please do feel free to share more tips.



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