Ciao Retired Because of Dishonest People

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Ciao has totally retired !

I knew that was going to happen. At first, they blocked users from Asia. Then they eventually stopped rewarding everyone. This mishap was preempted because of the rubbish reviews and comments posted.

Friends were not for real there. Everyone invites everyone to solicit comments and reviews from one another. Sad to say, this wasn’t the original plan of Ciao. Authentic reviews and real comments were expected from all of us to help consumers decide what product or what movie to watch.

I have to admit though, when I started, I thought that it must be cool to have a lot of friends; so I did. At first it was fun to see my friends grow in numbers rapidly. I think before it ended I had 2,000 friends. (hahaha) However, towards the end it got annoying because they’ll invite me to be one of their friends and would ask me to leave a comment on their reviews in exchange of that friendship request.

Others on the other hand would leave comments and rate reviews then would get back to you and say,” hey I left a comment/rating on this blah blah blah review of yours, please leave a comment/ rating on my reviews, too.” Cheating was the norm there.

So, as mentioned, I wouldn’t be surprised when Ciao announced that they will stop paying their members. They changed the site’s name to as well.

With Bing, the niche is somewhat the same but the reward system is not in the form of cash. They no longer accept members from Asia though.

I know I can no longer join Bing but that’s okay. The only lesson I want to impart to my fellow Asians. I hope those people who love to cheat and spam for their own selfish interests, may you stop doing these acts so that good sites will not discriminate people in this region who are doing their jobs honestly. If you have nothing good to say, find something else to do. Don’t be selfish.


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