Is Milk Really Helpful In Losing Your Weight?

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Do you think that consuming milk is good for your health? If yes then you really need to read this entire article. Most of the people believe like you, and I cannot blame anybody for this because dairy farmers are responsible for all this. They claim that milk will help strengthen your bones because of the presence of calcium in it. They also claim that milk will increase your energy and you will feel like a superman. Obviously, they want you to believe this way so that they can cash in on your credulousness. However, just as some other myths are doing the rounds of the weight loss industry, this is also a myth.

<u>First and the foremost thing is that, the milk you purchase from your local store is not pure milk:</u> It has been processed with the help of pasteurization, meaning that it has been boiled at a temperature of 160 centigrade and then cooled down. In order to kill any of the germs present in raw milk, milk is pasteurized. On the other side, pasteurization not only kills the germs, but also destroys the essential nutrients present in it. Enzymes such as phosphates and lipase can be a lot beneficial to your body, but you don’t get those enzymes in the pasteurized milk that you purchase from your local shop.

That is not all. Another drawback of pasteurization is that it also kills antibodies such as immunoglobulin that is present in raw milk. Immunoglobulin builds up the defense mechanism and helps to immune your body against various diseases. As you can see, milk is in no way beneficial for you, at least not the one that comes in sealed packets.

After pasteurization is completed, the milk is homogenized to keep the cream at the base. Once this is done, several synthetic vitamins are added to it in order to make it ‘nutritious’. However, take a note of the point that synthetic vitamins are not and can never be alternatives for natural vitamins. They are man-made chemicals and will do more harm than good to your body.

<u>Milk causes a variety of other diseases: </u>Besides weight gain, there are a lot of harmful side effects of drinking milk, such as acne, arthritis, constipation, skin allergies, cancer, etc.

<u>Milk increases your extra fat and causes weight gain:</u> Contrary to what you might believe, milk will actually make you gain weight rather than loose it. If you are in the habit of drinking milk frequently, it is not surprising that you have become overweight. As you drink more and more milk, you will gain more and more weight.

After going through this article do you still want to drink milk? I hope surely not.


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