Make a Custom Coat Rack

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Got wood? If not, head off to the hardware store. Width of board is entirely up to you. I like a 1×12, it gives plenty of room for design. Ask them to cut it to length, otherwise use a guide with your jig saw or circular saw if you have one.

Put on your thinking cap and get the creative juices flowing. Make sure your design suits your skill level with the jig saw. Make it simple or make it intricate it’s your call. Whatever your heart desires. Use scrap paper for rough designs, it saves time and money.

Once the design is ready, begin cutting. This is when extreme caution should be exercised. Keep loose clothing away from the blade as well as fingers and toes. Put your long hair in a bun or your mustache in curls if necessary.

This step may be tricky so take your time. Decide where you want the hooks to go and if you want them to be offset or in a row. Make sure the spacing is even with a proper lay out. Stage them before fastening and mark the holes of the coat hook with a pencil. Now get out the drill. You’re almost done.


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