Make The Most of Your Evenings

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We all know the drill. Then it’s over and time to do it again. With every night the same you tend to get burnt out. Too much drive through food, too much boob tube. Not enough sleep. Get more sleep, any Doctor would tell you. So…GET MORE SLEEP. Not always easy.

You surely have a routine. Take a second to examine it. Really give it some thought. Done? Go ahead…you have time. You’re probably in your routine as you sit here reading this. Well, it’s okay. Truth is: routine is good, we just need to modify it. Get up and turn off the lights (if they aren’t already).

On to planning. Ever heard, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”? Quite true. True indeed. In our circumstance the plan is a very simple one and will become a part of said routine. Routine is after all key. Plan and prepare: What will we need for the evening? This can be prepared in advance. What will we need to relax?

I’m sure by know you have already looked into the topic of relaxation. Did anything work? Maybe. For a little while, but it never really became a part of your routine. Did you ask yourself why? Did you set up your environment for success? Do as much as possible in advance in order for this to happen. Lay out clean towels, clean clothes. Turn down the lights, turn off the television and read the rest of my how to’s. Good Night.


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