How To Do Your Christmas Shopping On a Budget

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No matter who you are or what your monetary station in life, it takes a serious chunk out of your budget every year to shop for Christmas gifts. If you are one of those who feels it necessary to get extravagant gifts, you might need to go ahead and take out a second mortgage! The holiday season should be a time that we enjoy; even the shopping. It should be a fun time of family and friends and no stress. Let’s see how we can do this in a couple of easy ways.

The first thing you need to do is LISTEN. All year long, listen to what the people around you are saying. All of the people that you buy gifts for will allude to their likes and dislikes in nearly every conversation. Most conversations are, in fact, about what people like, or not, or what gets them excited and happy. If you have a good memory, take mental notes, if not, jot down things you’ve heard. When the time comes to shop, you will already have an idea of what each person would like.

Shop early. Do not get the attitude that you hate to see Christmas come out in the stores early. All of the holidays are what we make of them, not what the stores make of them. If you start shopping in August or September, you are splitting that outlay of cash over several months. It’s much easier than taking that money out of a couple paychecks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Spread it out. This goes for decorations too. When the stores put them out, buy a couple here and there.

Do not think that you have to get extravagant. Set a price to spend on everyone and stick to it. A well thought out ten dollar gift is probably much more appreciated than an expensive gift. For example, if your brother is a fan of Star Trek, buy him a cool phaser for about $10 at a toy store. Forget the silk bathrobe. He’ll show that phaser to everyone!

Chances are that buy shopping early and not being extravagant, you will actually enjoy those weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You will go into the malls and enjoy the crowd! You won’t have to fight them and you know that you are done and can leave any time you want to! Have fun!

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