7 Core Types of Sites to Consider When Starting Your Own Internet Business

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It is good to know the basic types of sites that you can start, so you get results faster in building your online business.

1. Social Sites, that connect people with interests alike. For example, sites related to cooking recipes, traveling, pet lovers and so on.

2. Content Sites, that offer detailed information about certain topics, not easily findable on the net. Sometimes members are required to pay a small monthly fee to use it…

3. Coaching or Mentoring Sites, that offer support and special knowledge to many subscribers at once. If you want to start this kind of site, there are various types of coaching that you can offer, related to life or business.

4. Private Label Rights Sites, where you publish articles of your own or written by other authors. Usually the articles would be created around a keyword and they could be used by subscribers to create their own content on their blogs or websites, by modifying them.

5. Forum Sites, where subscribers can be asked to pay a minimal fee in order to perform a search and try to find information that is not available on a free forum. Sometimes contributors to these forums are required to pay a small fee too in order to be able to post a message board.

6. Paid Newsletter Sites, which offer top notch information and news to their subscribers. In few words, if you decide to create a paid newsletter site, you research the news and deliver it to the members of your site, saving them time.

7. Audio Content Orientated Sites, where the owners of the sites deliver audio files to their subscribers.

These are the core types of sites, but you can start one offering two or more benefits to your subscribers. Say you offer a coaching site with some audio files as bonus at the end of each month.

The more features you can bundle in your site, the more you pamper them, the longer you will have the clients around you and your business will inevitably grow.


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