Use 7 Traditional Marketing Tips to Boost Your Online Business

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When you start a campaign to advertise your business, use offline techniques as well as the online ones.

1. Print some business cards, fliers, brochures and drop them in letterboxes or high trafficked areas or places where they accept to display them. If you frequent some venues such as gym, leave some of your business cards there, too.

2. Local media is waiting for you. Did you know that you can advertise your business for free? Television stations, newspapers, magazines need continuously fresh stories to bring to the public. When you attend the interview with the reporter, have your little business speech organized in advance and emphasize what makes you unique in your area.

3. If you are good at writing, publish some articles in business magazine related to your niche. If you find it enjoyable, you can even write a weekly column at no charge, where you can answer the readers’ questions related to your business. You become a sought after writer and an expert in your local community.

4. Become a sponsor of some team in your community. You will increase the visibility of your business when you can print your logo on the players’ t-shirts and you can also freely distribute fliers at their games.

5. Testimonials from your existing customers are always a bonus. Ask your happy customers if they would like to share with other people the business experience they have had with you. These testimonials can be used in all your marketing campaigns, online and offline, and they increase the credibility of your business in the eyes of potential customers.

6. Offer something for free, such a free introductory offer or a sample of your product.

7. Stimulate referrals by offering good discounts to your existing customers if they bring you new customers. This way you encourage them to speak about your business to their friends or on forums. Don’t forget to thank them for their efforts and show them your gratitude using various methods. Since we speak here about traditional marketing tips, you can use printed greeting cards to show them your appreciation for their business.

Using multiple strategies to advertise your business will bring in customers for you from every corner of the market, both offline and online.


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