How to Share Files between Phone and Laptop Computer using Bluetooth

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Do you have music, photos, or files in your laptop computer that you want to share with your cell phone and vice-versa? Majority of the cell phones and laptop computers today have built-in Bluetooth which may come in handy in situations like this. (Windows users)


Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range communications system intended to replace the cables connecting portable and/or fixed electronic devices. Data rate is 1Mb per second so it’s adequate for small file sizes like music and photos.

If you just bought your cell phone or laptop computer, chances are you have Bluetooth capability… so read on to learn how to share photos between cell phone and laptop computer using Bluetooth.

Step 1: PHONE BLUETOOTH SETTINGS.On the cell phone, turn the Bluetooth ON and make sure it is set to “Visible” or “Shown to all” or option that will allow discovery of your device later in the process. You need to know the name of your cell phone so you can easily make a distinction from other Bluetooth devices that are in range, if any.


Step 2: LAPTOP BLUETOOTH SETTINGS. On the laptop, go to Control Panel=>Hardware and Sound category and click on Bluetooth Devices or Configuration. It is easier to find it if you switch to Classic View. You need to know the name of the laptop computer.

Set the following:
Options tab – make sure that the Discovery and Connections options are all ticked.
Share tab – make sure that you allow remote devices to browse, send, and receive pictures, music, and other files. Take note of the location of the “Bluetooth Exchange Folder”.


Step 3: PAIRING BLUETOOTH DEVICES. Pairing simply means establishing the connection between two devices, sort of like handshaking. You can initiate pairing on either device.

Initiate pairing from the laptop by going to the Bluetooth Configuration again in the Devices tab and click “Add…” The wizard will guide you through the rest of the setup. Always use a passcode for security purpose. Complete the pairing by accepting the connection on the cell phone and entering the passcode.

Initiate pairing from the cell phone by going to the Bluetooth Settings=>Paired Devices and choose “New”. Your cell phone will search and should be able to find the Laptop. Then choose “Pair” and it will ask for passcode… you may enter 0000 and press OK. A notification to connect will appear on the laptop. Enter the passcode and pairing will be completed.

Now you are ready to share files.

Step 4: TRANSFERRING SINGLE FILE. On the cell phone, go to the file you want to share and choose “Send”. You should see an option to send VIA Bluetooth and select the laptop as the destination. You will receive notification on the laptop that a device wants to send a file. Accept it and the file will be saved in the “Bluetooth Exchange Folder”.

Send file from the laptop by right clicking on the file=>Send To=>Bluetooth Device. Choose the cell phone device as the destination and you will receive notification on your phone when transfer is completed.

Step 5: TRANSFERRING MULTIPLE FILES. Go to My Computer and you should see your cell phone listed at the bottom in the Other section. Double click and browse the files that you want to copy from the folders. From here, you can simply copy files from these folders and paste anywhere on your laptop computer and vice-versa.
There you go… enjoy sharing files between cell phone and laptop computer with your friends using the wonderful technology of Bluetooth.


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