Using Twitter to Promote Your Internet Business

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If you have an online business, it’s good to always check what happens around you and follow the trends. Twitter should be another marketing tool in your hands, along with the other arsenal that you already use to promote your business.

This inoffensive social networking tool allows you to keep contact with existing customers while giving you the chance to create another traffic channel for your website.

Many small businesses use this let’s call it ‘advertising system’ with Twitter and sometimes you might not find their product advertised somewhere else. Not yet. Small businesses want to establish themselves by spending the least money possible and Twitter is a good venue for their plans.

Allow me to show you some tips now…

1. Try to use the name of your business or website as nickname for your Twitter account.

2. Make yourself available and check what the other say about you. This is simple to be done, just search for the keywords that define your kind of business or your company name and analyze the results. Check your direct messages or messages that mention you and answer to them.

3. Be natural and don’t speak about your business all the time. People want some entertainment, too. Nobody works in their business 24 hours a day, so don’t be self-centered and promote your business in every tweet. Give people a break and show them the human aspect of you too, by speaking sometimes about your challenges not only about how great your business it is.

4. When you find tweets that you found very useful for you, re-post or re-tweet them. This is an act of both recognition and kindness and your followers will be inclined to do the same with your valuable tweets.

5. Try not to be gloomy or monotonous in your tweets. Relax and give your followers reasons to smile and to look forward to reading your next tweets.

If you are ethical, you will reap rewards and also have fun by using Twitter as a marketing tool for your Internet business.


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