How to Properly Lose Weight Fast

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Don’t you just like to look as good as hunks and hotties out there? Well if you really think and compare yourself to them, you may be better looking, your hair is far more flawless, you’ve got personality or you may be even wittier or funnier than they are. But what might set them apart are their slender, toned bodies. There are infomercials regarding exercise equipment and pills among other products that offer fast results when it comes to weight loss. That’s because nobody wants to do hard work. In this article, it gives a new perspective to weight loss. Listed are some tips on how to burn stubborn fat and keep them off. These tips require less money, and uncomplicated. All it requires from you is the drive to lose weight and an open mind to embrace a new healthy lifestyle.

  • Make drinking water your best pal. Instead of gulping carbonated drinks and artificial juices, just settle for water instead. It lessens your sugar intake, which makes you store less fat in the body.
  • Don’t skip meals. Instead, eat 3 small meals in a day and 2 small snacks. If you skip meals, you tend to gobble more on the next one, which defeats the purpose of regulating your food intake. Eating small meals lessens the excretion of insulin, thus suppresses hunger and stabilizes your blood’s sugar levels.
  • Keep small plates. Having small plates gets you to have smaller servings. The less food you have, the less food you consume.
  • Walk. Brisk walk for 45 minutes each day if you’re having a lifestyle that’s sedentary (e.g. you don’t move around much). If you’re work has you go hours sitting down, walk around briskly for 5 minutes every 2 hours. This gets your blood pumping, calories burning and gets you alert too.
  • Practice eating more vegetables especially water-rich ones like tomatoes and cucumbers. A good way to be full but lay off the calories is to have equal amounts of grains and vegetables in your diet instead just having grains.
  • Avoid intake of simple sugars and white starches as they contain a lot of calories.
  • If you’re a sports buff and into playing sports video game, get some time off that console and grab a ball. Shoot some hoops. Practice your favorite play with friends. Learn real strategy, real fatigue, real fitness. This isn’t a simulation. It’s THE game.
  • Swimming is also a good fat burning exercise. It has less strain on the back and joints and is a great cardio exercise. Cardio exercise burns more fat than any other forms of exercise like weight training.
  • Eat cereals on weekdays. This way you’re getting more calcium and fiber in your diet.
  • Chew your food well and eat slowly. It makes you enjoy your food more, increase bonding time with loved ones. Drink water after a bite or two.. Doing these will also increase the level of satiety with your meal.
  • Go for fruit over fruit juice. Fruit juices have more calories than the fruit itself. Fruits also make you full and keep you way more satisfied than juice.
  • Steer away from fatty foods and salty ones. Not only do you make a step in losing weight, you’re also steering clear of the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Just stick to regular coffee. Coffee sold in coffee shops have more calories in them due to the additives (e.g. syrups, whipped cream and etc.)
  • Take note of your metabolism. If you sweat, you burn fat and lose weight. Just plain exercise is plain boring. So liven it up by listening to your favorite music to pump things up. Looking for a sport that requires cardiovascular endurance like cycling, swimming or basketball is a great form of exercise. It takes care of the boredom, and it brings out your competitive self.

These are just some tips to help you lose weight fast and fun. Just remember you don’t need to suffer to lose weight. The moment you choose to be fit and healthy, not only would you follow these steps, you’d also mix and make some of your own.


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