Does Associated Content and Triond Pay Well?

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One thing everybody needs to be aware of before trying to post an article online is that you will not become rich from it.  In fact, you may never get a decent amount out of it.  But if you are like me, you probably like the fact that your article gets published and is read by at least some people.  Don’t get me wrong I do not mind getting paid for the articles but just getting published is a goal in itself.  I have been writing articles for about 6 months now off and on and have made somewhere around $300 with approximately 60 articles written.  As you see, this comes out to roughly $5.00 per article so I am certainly not getting rich.  Currently I am writing for two different websites that offer different pay incentives but there are numerous paying sites on the web these days.  Do your research before choosing one so you know what you are getting out of submitting an article. 

The first website I write for is obviously this one,  I love writing for this site.  They currently pay for visits to your article and the publishing is really fast.  You can usually expect to get published in a day or two after submitting an article.  The best part of this site is that they match your article to websites specific to your content.  Payments are sent via Paypal once a month.

The second website I write for is Associated Content.  Their pay structure is a little different than Triond in that not only will they pay you for visits to your article but you can also select an upfront payment and they will give you an amount which is basically a rough estimate on how many visits they expect to your article.  I have ranged everywhere from $2.50 to $10.00 an article for the upfront payments.  Usually I get somewhere around 4.50 per article though.  Recently, Associated Content has lowered their upfront payments so expect the amounts to be on the lower end from now on.  This is still a good site to write for in that they receive lots of traffic daily.  Estimates of over 250,000 people visiting daily are mentioned numerous times throughout the site.  They pay once a month usually somewhere in the middle of the month for performance payments and for upfront payments they pay within a few days.  They also use Paypal for all payments. 

Still looking to get rich from writing online?  Well, don’t bother, unless you write tons and tons of articles and have each of them viewed a billion times.  Writing should be something that you enjoy doing and getting an article published is a reward in itself.  Now don’t get me wrong money would be nice though.  So if you are a aspiring writer and are unsure about writing online please follow this advice:  Do your research on each website that you will be submitting your articles to, go in with a goal of making a few extra dollars not a goldmine, and last but not least make sure to check out what other writer’s have to say on each website. 


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