Ways to Make Money in Runescape for Free Players

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1. Introduction

Money virtually rules Runescape, making it the main concern of most players. For instance, money buys you the armor and weapons needed for day-to-day fighting. If you have no money, then you can’t buy good armor or weapons and you can’t level up your fighting skills, although you can smith armor and weapons, the good armor (Adamant, Rune) requires a very high skill level to make, therefore making it near impossible to obtain the armor you want without devoting hours to one or two skills. Money can even help those skills along (you can buy steel bars instead of mining coal and iron). So without money your Runescape experience will not be very enjoyable.

2. Advice

Some advice, there is no “easy money”. Making lots of money takes time and effort. And buying gold online or getting gold from friends is near impossible due to the trading limit. So money is even harder to come by than before. So, you must SAVE YOUR MONEY. Making 100k then spending half of it on food and weapons is not only dumb, it also makes you feel like crap because you just wasted your hard earned money. If you have 100k and plan on making more soon you should spend maybe 7k a week on nessecities. Also, Do not try to train skills and try to make money at the same time. THEY CONFLICT. Mining an inventory full of ore then leaving to put it in a bank or sell them just wastes valuble EXP, just drop the ores and continue mining.

3. Merchanting

Merchanting is probably the best way to make money in Runescape. It is fast and easy, however; it  requires money to start out with. So get about 5-10k before you attempt merchanting and it will speed by.

Eye of Newt Method(Annoying but a fairly good money maker

1. Grab about 1k from your bank.

2. Run/Walk to Port Sarim

3. Go to Betty’s Magic Store

4. Fill your inventory with Eye of Newts

5. Run/Walk to either Draynor bank, or Falador bank (Draynor is closer) and deposit the Eye of Newts

6. Repeat steps 2-5 until your 1k is used up

7. Go to Varrock and sell your Eye of Newts at the Grand Exchange for slightly above the minimum price. You should get back about 20k

Clay/Soft Clay Method (fast but tedious)

1. Go to the Grand Exchange

2. Buy clay for slightly above the market price

3. Take the Clay and a Bucket to the fountain in the square.

4. Turn the all of the Clay into Soft Clay

5. Sell the Soft Clay at the Grand Exchange for slightly below the market price.

6. You’ll get 2 times as much money as you spent on the clay (if you spent 5k you’d get 10k)

Classical Merchanting (Works best with more expensive items)

1. Buy something.

2. Sell it for more than you bought it

4. Skills (Please excuse me if they aren’t detailed enough)

Combat: Kill various enemies who drop coins and items (sell the items), kill cows in Lumbridge, get their hides, tan them in Al Kharid, sell them at the Grand Exchange, etc. etc.

Runecrafting: Craft runes, then sell them. The air altar near Falador is recommended for speed. Crafting: Craft things, then sell them, pretty straight forward.

Mining: Mine ore in the Dwarven mines (Coal is Recommended for level 31 and up), run through the scorpions, deposit the ores in the Falador bank, then repeat until desired, and then sell.

Smithing: Buy/Mine ore, smelt it, then sell it, or, hammer it and then sell it. (Lumbridge mine is recommended for bronze, and the Dwarven mines for everything else)

Fishing/Cooking: Fish, and then sell the fish either raw (sometimes raw is more valuble) or cook them and sell them.

Woodcutting: Train your skill to 30, cut down willows in Lumbridge (in a low populated world), when your inventory is full deposit them at the bank, repeat until desired, and then sell them all.


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