Why People Get Into Automobile Crashes or Road Rage Incidents….Funny!

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All right, I admit it.  I am a little uptight when it comes to other people’s driving skills but there are so many bad drivers out there that I decided to vent a little in this article and lists some things that really get me upset when I am out on the roads these days.  So if you are guilty of doing any of these, please stop immediately—it just might eliminate a road rage incident with me!

1.)   Do not ride in passing lanes without passing someone.  Get over already!  Stay in the passenger lane.

2.)   Do not ride in passing lane and then go slower than the passenger lane(s).   Quit tying up traffic and get over where you belong (in the slow lane)

3.)   Give me a courtesy wave when I let you in the lane or let you go first at an intersection.  This one goes out to all of you ignorant jerks out there.

4.)   Get off your damn cell phone.   You are not capable of talking and driving the same time—focus on the road!

5.)   Go the posted speed limit.   Don’t go slower than the speed limit and if you do, pull over so I can get by. 

6.)   Use your turn signals.   You know the clicker sound that lets people know you are going right or left?

7.)   Stay at least two full car lengths away from my bumper.   I just might slam on my brakes and sue you for hitting me so don’t tailgate!

8.)    Yield means slow down not stop.   This rule applies especially when merging onto a highway—do not stop on the shoulder and then go slow onto the highway.

9.)    If you do not see a sign then turn right at a red light.   Don’t just sit there and wait for the light–go already!  I do not have the patience for you to just sit there

10.)  Do not weave into and out of lanes when there is a backup on the highway.  All you ever gain is a car length anyway and you end up slowing down traffic further!

11.)  Do not eat or put makeup on while you are driving.   Once again, you are not capable of doing two things the same time. 

12.)  When it snows, clean your car off totally before driving.  So help me if an ice sheet hits my car after it flies off your roof…..I’ll see you in court and take you for everything. 

I could go on forever here with things that bother me about others peoples driving but this at least gives a good idea of behaviors that drivers need to be wary of.   So if you display any of these behaviors then you might want to change now.  I personally do not care whether you are male, female, old, young, white, black, handicapped or not, the bottom line is: you are all bad drivers!


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