Thiazi’s Wing (Short Story)

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Thaizi’s Wing

The arctic wind blew hard against Yir’s fleet of warships. This was one of the roughest storms he had ever known, and that he might not make it to Asia. Asia was the largest raiding continent in the world. Yir had 20 warships, 105 warriors, and 100 berserkers, so it would be an enormous loss for Yir’s village if they were lost at sea. Just when Yir was going to give up, his shipmate and friend, Erik the Brave approached him.

“The storm is calming down,” he said “But we’ve been blown way off course, and we’ll have to cross Thaizi’s Wing to make it before winter.”

Yir was scared because Thaizi’s Wing was a giant maelstrom that sucked ships to the bottom of the sea. No one had ever attempted to crossed it and had lived.  Yir sat down and began to think. After a long time he came up with a plan: He ordered all the steering oars to turn right when reached Thaizi’s Wing because it turned the same direction and ordered all the men to row as hard as they could when they reached Thaizi’s Wing.

He shuddered when he saw it. It was enormous. It was 200 ships long and 100 ships wide. He blew his horn, which signaled “Now!” and Yir almost fell off of his warship because of the sudden change of speed. The steering oars turned right, and they went into the maelstrom. They rode at an amazing speed along the edge of Thaizi’s Wing. After what seemed like an eternity they got near the other side. All the men paddled with all their strength until finally they shot out of the whirlpool. The men cheered so loud that the water seemed to quake.

Many songs and poems were written about Yir’s great accomplishment.


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