Bingozone and Gamesville Review: Free Games for Money and Prrizes

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If you are looking to play some free games with a chance to actually win some real prizes (cash) then you must go to or their partner site Bingozone offers prizes anywhere from $1-$20 for a bingo match. You have to match whatever pattern they are calling for in a given bingo game and then all you have to do is click on bingo and claim your prize. There are usually anywhere around 1000 people playing on this site at any given time so don’t expect winning to be easy. Another thing that Bingozone does not do is guarantee a winner for each game. They also do not roll over prizes from one game to another when there is no winner.

If you are looking for a higher progressive payout then check out This website offers higher total prizes with maximum payouts of $3,333 and best of all they are all free. Every time there is a winner in one of these progressvie games, the prize total is reset to zero and will continously build until a new winner is found. Gamesville has a number of games that have these jackpots for prizes. Below is a description of each game that have cash prizes:

1.) Catch Up Coverall — Bingo game in which you must cover the entire bingo card to win prize.

2.) Three Eyed Bingo — Bingo game in which you have to match the saying on all 3 cards (e.g. 3 cards spell out M-O-M).

3.) Magic 21 Jackpot — Game in which you add up the cards in rows to equal “21”. As each row gets the 21 then you have chance to win grand prize. Highest prize is offerred on this game which is $4,999.

4.) Frantic Fish — Bingo game where the highest score in each game wins entries into the daily $25 drawing.

5.) Pit Stop Slots — build credits to get entries into the $25 drawing that is done daily.

Another interesting feature about playing these games is that they also award you with “gamesville rewards” which can be redeemed for entries into weekly and monthly drawings for cash. The weekly prize is $200 and the monthly is $1000. For every 100 rewards you earn you can redeem for one entry into either of these contests. A new prize they have recently begun giving out is a $25 gift card to target. This one is given out daily.

Gamesville also has a good number of games that do not offer any cash prizes but can be played for enjoyment. They have a good variety of card games such as hearts, spades, poker, solitaire games, board games, puzzle games and mystery games to select from. They also have a premium package that is called their “gold” membership which entails you to selective competitions, double the prizes and other incentives. The cost of this membership is $24.95 a month. You do not need to get this package in order to win prizes though– you can still win with their regular signup. So get out there and play–you could be the next big winner.


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