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With the rise of the Internet, the rise in e-commerce is an after effect. This is because whenever there is media, businesses will always seek to advertise their products and or services in it. Advertising is a must-have for a business to boom. In e-commerce, websites, web ads are some of the tools used. In this article, we will tackle a more personalized tool in e-commerce: THE MARKETING EMAIL. Since you may already know how to send an email, here’s how to write an effective marketing email. 


Write in the simplest manner. Be clear of what you have to say. Make sure that what you are trying to express is exactly how the reader understands it. 

Don’t talk about you, talk about your reader

Minimize the usage of the pro noun “I” and “We”. Use the pronoun “You” often. Let’s face it, we aren’t intending to know or talk about you. We are concerned more about the reader, which happens to be a potential customer or client. 

Give a good reason why the email should be read

You may flag it as high importance; use bold letters at the subject. But most importantly, make the reader know that they need it. If the email is about a seasonal offer, stress on the duration of the offer or perhaps the number of slots left. This gives the customer an impression that it’s useful and profitable for them since other people have availed of it and the supply is almost out. It also gives them a sense of importance since they have received an invitation for a limited offer. 

Make the email short, clear and concise. Electronic mail should be short. Though the writing area may provide for more words, don’t act like this is a typing contest. Just get directly to your point and provide concrete details.  

Make your email a step towards building better customer relations. When your company has an electronic magazine or website, its best to have a link to that included in the email. If the email is about a promotion, you may put an ad on your website and make the email like a teaser or a prelude to it. Just make sure to put in enough details, make it interesting for the reader to visit your links.  

Make the reader the subject of the email. Aside from using the correct pronoun (“you” in our case) one must also use the active voice. This gives a whole lot of attention on the reader (e.g. potential benefits, a sense of urgency and importance, etc.), which is what we are trying to achieve. 

Keep the tone of the email casual with a touch of formality. Since we are not writing a business correspondence, there is no need to be overly formal. It makes the reader more calm and relaxed in reading. But don’t be over-casual because this might give the reader an idea of you being disrespectful. Just be tact and polite but friendly. Adding a little sense of humor would also be effective and could spark up more interest in the reader. Just make sure that the jokes or funny stories are not offensive (e.g. no traces of racism, abusive language, prejudice, etc. 

These are just tips in making an effective email for marketing. Just make sure that even though the email you sent is short, it gives out the vital info. Write drafts, choose the best one and send it. Have fun advertising and shooting emails.


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