20 Philosophical Questions No One Can Answer

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I really would like the answers to these 20 questions…………

  1. Why do people who are driving a convertible with the top down have their windows rolled up?
  2.  Why do people in the ghetto live in a shitty house but drive a real expensive car?
  3. Why do people eat unhealthy meals and then get a diet coke?
  4.  Why does it take so long to return something but it only takes a few seconds to buy it?
  5. Why do people raise the volume on their car stereos when they walk into a convenience store?
  6. Why is Carrot-top famous?
  7. Why do people drive slower than the speed limit or ride in the passing lane when not passing anyone?
  8. Why can’t it be a law to use soap and deodorant daily?
  9.  Why can’t animals see a car coming at them?
  10.  Why can stores sell pipes and bongs to smoke marijuana but not sell the marijuana itself?
  11.  Why does it take the entire police force to arrest one person?
  12.  Why do people complain about everything but do nothing about it?
  13. Why can’t my orgasms last forever?
  14.  Why is being sober a good thing?
  15. Why does my mechanic find something wrong with my car every time I take it in for routine maintenance?
  16. Why does my woman always think she is right and I’m wrong?
  17.  Why do only foreigners run Dunkin Donuts?
  18.  Why would anybody have their kid wear a tail on their haircut?
  19.  Why do people think Nascar is a sport?
  20.  Why can’t the Bengals ever have a winning season?

All right, all of you philosophy majors out there — please provide some answers to these questions, if you can?


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