First Day Scholars

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I think a greater part of learning has to be enjoyable for the child so that he should be able to see some progress in his work while studying some theory alongside that discipline.Today there are on-line rubrics and other resources which teachers can utilize so as to organize a course which would get the child or teenager to express himself  without being judged negatively.

One could also ask the principal how certain excercises were more effective than others if one is undecided on what to get children to do. One should not come in with the idea of learning with the child because that comes across as though the teacher is inexperienced and does not know his field.

Preparation  for a certain activity should then be accomplished not just with one plan but also a back-up should students drop out of an exercise and refuse to continue. Drawing can be a good alternative to painting if the student is not color concious or has difficulty composing a picture. This does not mean the student will not pick up an artist’s brush, there may be a block in his creativity that could be overcome later.

If there is visual arts than animation and set design can also be added to the course. Animation may be taught by teaching the student the component parts of he creature he wants to draw so he is better able to construct the whole. In addition other details such as changing expressioncan be added so that his characters don’t all have the same expressions.

The latter may be theoretical at the beginning and students can be asked to understand why certain sets were chosen for particular plays and how those sets were beneficial or not as far as the performance was concerned.Set models could be constructed much the same way one make objects out of everyday house materials so that the student appreciates a small scale to what would hold a larger public.


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