How To Potty Train Your Daughter

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In addition to the potty training months (or years) being some of the most frustrating times of parenthood, they can also be full of fun and chuckles.

Sometimes you think that your little girl is never going to ‘get it’. Each child is different. They learn things and make life’s connections at their own pace. They will ‘get it’. You don’t know any adults who are still doing dookey in their diapers, well maybe you do, but for the most part, we all make the potty connection eventually. Here are some steps to follow in potty training your daughter.

Start potty and bathroom references early. Start at one year old. Put a potty in the bathroom and, mom, whenever you go potty, take her too. You sit, she sits. She is way too young to actually train at this point. She has no control over her bowel or bladder. it will help her to make the connection in her head when she does gain control. Don’t stress over diaper removal. Take it off, it reseals. This is also a great way to keep an eye on her when you have to use the bathroom. Don’t worry about your privacy either. You gave that up when you had kids.

When YOU peepee, clap and cheer for yourself. Do this as soon as you hear it coming out and hitting the water. At some point she will connect the two. Sometimes she will potty by accident. Clap and cheer and make it a big deal.

Reward  her. If she pottys accidently or otherwise, reward her. Point at it and reinforce the WHY of the reward.

Be patient. Generally, a child doesn’t have control until about 2 years old. This may vary a bit. Sometimes they understand but don’t have the necessary control Sometimes they have the control (and hide behind a chair) but don’t make the connection in their head. Patience and perseverance.

Always find the humor. Your red faced straining little one hiding behind the chair doodoo-ing in her diaper, peeking to see if you are looking, is actually quite funny. Take a picture. Show her boyfriends when she’s a teen. Think ahead!

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