How To Figure Out What To Write About For Your Bukisa Articles

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Many people have said that the hardest thing about writing articles for Bukisa is coming up with ideas. Sometimes you’ll get on a roll and all day long every little thing brings to mind something that you can write an article on. Like all writers, you then may go through a Writer’s Block. You’ll have a ‘dry’ day where no matter how hard you strain, you just cannot seem to think of one thing you know how to do or can give advice on. When that happens, it’s time to fly around the web. If you can’t think of things to write about then you need to find out what people want to know about. What are they asking about? What are they interested in? What are they searching for and blogging about? When you know the answers to these questions and you begin reading through what you’ve discovered, invariably you will find all sorts of things that you DO know about! Perhaps you had forgotten that you knew how to prune a rosebush the correct way or that you knew how to make inexpensive lasagna. Once your mind has been prodded by all the searches and questions that millions of people have, there will be no stopping you! Here are some search result databases to get you started. Visit them daily!

1. Google Zeitgeist is a Google guiding spirit. It will provide you with global search trends.

2. Metacrawler shows you the most popular searches in real time.

3. Ask Top Searches gives you the top searches for the week.

4. AOL Hot Search gives the latest trends and hottest searches on AOL.

5. Google Search Based Keyword Tool can give you results on how many searches were done on certain words. You put in the word or words and it will give you performance for the month, synonyms and word combinations.

6. Dog Pile Search Spy shows current searches on Dog Pile.

7. Google Trends shows the day’s hot trends on Google.

8. Ebay Pulse shows what are currently the most searched for products on Ebay.

9. Yahoo Popular Searches. Right on Yahoo’s home page on the right is a box with the current most popular searches on Yahoo.

10. Yahoo Answers has all the latest info on what people are asking about!

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