How to: Guide to Anal Accommodation – for better anal sex

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1. I originally wrote this in a thread helping a member to accomodate larger sizes in his anus or booty however you want to say it. Anyways, I don’t know if anyone has seen that thread, so I decided to put it here also in order for others to see it also. I hope you all enjoy it and find it of help.

Personally, I feel like the king of anal stretching… at least, I would think! Reason being is because I can accommodate a full grown ***** dick in my ass with ease. Well… let’s just say I managed to take rather humongous objects anally in no time flat once I first started. The trick is to relax and understand the difference between pain and a stretch. As for the butt plug, I have used many of them and never damaged anything, even when I went well beyond what should have been my limits. I got over excited at that huge thing in my ass and couldn’t help but take it deeper and further.

As for the guidance:
Go to and run a search for Triple Ripple Butt Plug and examine the medium and large versions, NEVER SMALL because it is a waste of time and you will take it rather easily. The reason I mention this site is because there you can get both for less than 20 where as in anywhere else you would pay more than 20 for each one.

The reason to get the Triple Ripple Butt Plug is because it is parted in 3 sections and each section gradually increases in size to accommodate your previous stretches via the plug itself.

Anyways, once you have it, the FIRST thing you need to know is use LOTS LOTS LOTS of lube. If possible, bend over and put some sort of tube or squirting object in your asshole and squirt lots of lube inside, and also lube up the anus very nicely as well as the toy itself. The second thing is to remember to RELAX as much as possible. Once you’ve done that, start with the medium butt plug and slowly sit on it for it to start expanding your anus. Just go a bit at a time until you feel a nice stretch. Once you feel the stretch insert the plug as far as you possibly can and once you can go no further, no matter what DON’T GET OFF OF IT. Just relax on it and let your anus grow accustom to accommodating the large size of the butt plug and after you feel it relaxing and opening some more, ease on down a little more. Every now and then come off of the butt plug up to the tip still being in your anus and go back down on it to simulate an in & out penetration movement. After you can relax the whole time you do that, you can start coming completely off of the plug and going back onto it.

NOTE: This will cause a very intense sensation that will make you go faster and faster and want to take it deeper and deeper. Do so!!! As you do, you will notice a bit more stretching as you take it deeper and you will also notice that you are taking more and more of it much easier as your booty is getting accustomed.

Once you do this a good bit, you will notice that you have 1 or 2 sections fully inserted. Make your anus clamp and tighten on the plug as you come off of the plug a bit to make your anus be taking maximum width of the largest part you managed to take so far, and KEEP IT TIGHTENED on that spot as much as possible. This will set your anus to a sorta of freeze gape which will make it hold itself open for a good bit after you come off the plug until you tighten it again, in which it will still be a little loose for a few minutes to a few hours!!! (NO this is not permanent, and NO nothing will fall out, stop believing myths, I do this ALL THE TIME.)

After you relax the grip you are struggling to hold, you will notice you can take MUCH more of the plug and you will be too tired (in the booty area from holding the grip so long) to tighten it as well as before. This is a VERY GOOD thing. This will allow you to take it much deeper, and gradually you can take the full plug.

I started off with the Triple Ripple Butt Plug Large and managed to take it completely within 30 minutes with no harm, and the sensation is the greatest of anything I’ve ever experienced anally so far.

PLEASE PLEASE, if you are going to follow my guide and get these toys, or even if you have found my guide helpful email me at and let me know so. I would love to help guide you in stretching your anus if you need help, or more personal assistance.

The reason I mentioned the store I mentioned is because I swear I found all their prices cheaper that anywhere else on the net. Seriously. I’ve found some $90 anal toys selling for like only $35 there, and I even bought my friend one of those Triple Ripple LARGE Butt Plugs that sell regularly for like $17 and up for only $8.00. I’m telling you, if your going to be buying sex toys anyways, this will save you a good bit of money, and they have online order tracking too. Definitely worth the look.


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