Diets to Avoid

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From exercise equipment to diet pills, we are inundated with diet remedies every day. Most, if not all, are useless or not necessary to actually lose weight.

DIET PILLS – If you notice the fine print on the diet pill ads, it says that proper diet and exercise is necessary to achieve any results. Duh! With proper diet and exercise you would not need diet pills, not to mention that they probably do not do very much to help you lose weight. I am not a doctor, however, it appears that these folks are just trying to get your money. You do not need diet pills.

EXERCISE EQUIPMENT – I think everyone I have ever known has, at some point, purchased a piece of exercise equipment with the intent of using it to lose weight or get into shape. Most of this equipment has never been used. If you are an extremely dedicated person and will actually use the machine, great it is a good investment if you have the money. However, you do not to use exercise equipment to get the same effects. Squats, lunges, crunches, reverse crunches, double crunches, push ups, etc. can give you the same effect without the expense.

FOOD MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS – I think it is a great idea to get support for your diet or exercise program, however, you do not need to pay for it. There are many free online resources to help you such as You can log your daily exercise, communicate with others who are dieting too and keep track of your calorie intake. It is loaded with great support and there are others just like it. As for the food, you can learn to make your own food! Why purchase diet food when, with a little help, you make your own healthy food for a fraction of the cost.

SURGERY – I am a little dumbfounded as to why anyone would want to put themselves in such a dangerous situation, where they can actually die, when they only need to adjust their food intake and begin exercise, even if it is only a little a day. As I said, I am not a doctor, and if you and your doctor choose surgery, I am still pulling for your success. However, please keep in mind that your loved ones want you to be with them, they don’t want you to risk your life further. Get the help you need by checking into a hospital that specializes in weight loss. They can teach you each day what to eat and how to exercise.


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