Selecting the Perfect Purse or Handbag

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There are those who would have none other than a designer bag. However, if you think about it, there are so many counterfeit bags being produced, most don’t even give a second look to what is hanging on the shoulder.

One way to choose the perfect purse is to be certain that your favorite, worn-out bag is carried the day that a new one is on the shopping list. Don’t clean it out. Leave it as cluttered as normally carried.

Compare the inventory on the shelves with the one being used. So many styles are available, it can be overwhelming at first. Begin to cull out the definite no’s and select some possibilities. Remember the season of the year. Many stores receive shipments of fall bags in early summer. It’s quite frustrating to need one for the season presently going on.

Refer back to the one presently being used. What features are special about the favorite bag? Perhaps it is soft, or the perfect color, or comfortable to carry. Or maybe it has special compartments for various items such as keys and cell phone that are conveniently located, rather than fumbling at the bottom when in a hurry.

Don’t even reach for another style. Stay with what you like and always return to, and that seems to be the style of that old worn-out handbag. If you defer to another, chances are the new one will end up on the shelf with the others, and you’ll be out shopping again!

Rather than just tossing out unused handbags, remember the consignment stores. What you may have grown tired of could be the perfect style for another. Plus, you’ll make a little pocket change in the event that it sells. Recycling is always good with today’s economy!!


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